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Our Method

Step 1

Identify a promising treatment being researched

Step 2

Conduct pre-clinical research to collect verifiable safety and efficacy data

Step 3

Share the protocol to our network of labs, which deliver the therapy directly to patients offshore.

Step 4

Spinoff a new public company to take the therapy to mainstream market approval and distribution

HIV/AIDS Elimination and Immunization

A targeted gene therapy for large-scale HIV/AIDS elimination, vaccination, and emergency deployment.


N6 is an antibody that has been found in a healthy subject that carries the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but completely suppresses the disease. HIV is known to mutate extremely fast and thus it usually wins the race against the immune system. N6, however, has evolved a near-pan neutralization activity of HIV-1. 
The DNA coding for the antibody is injected locally into a subset of the patients’ cells, which then produce and release N6 into the blood.

Muscular/Metabolic Optimization and Aging Mitigation Through Follistatin

A gene therapy human augmentation designed to preserve bone mineral density and maximize muscle mass and strength.


Studies by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital confirmed that the presence of natural myostatin inhibition appears to be a genetic leftover that increases metabolic capacity and muscular growth at a higher rate than what is normally experienced by most individuals.

As metabolic factors of aging process will likely be improved through the use of follistatin, virtually no non-reactive treatments currently exist for chronic bone density loss and resulting sarcopenia from the aging process.

Data from these studies will assess the overall impact of follistatin-based therapy upon the aging process.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Ascendance Open-Access Gene Delivery Platform

 Our breakthrough open access platform for allogeneic antibody, protein, and hormonal upregulation for therapeutic, preventive and augmentative applications.


A novel, open-access platform for high-efficiency naked DNA transfection, designed to reduce the cost of gene delivery to less than $1000 per self-injected, one-time only dosing for disease elimination, immunization, and human augmentation. The Ascendance platform is designed to give independent, academic, and commercial researchers around the world the opportunity to bring breakthrough therapies to life in record time – and minimal cost.

The BAC Immunotherapy Trials For Herpes Elimination and Immunization

A gene therapy-based catalyst for the immune system, designed to target, destroy, and protect against herpes types 1 and 2.


Despite thirty years of ongoing research into a cure and vaccine for herpes, due to the nature of the condition, traditional approaches have largely been ineffective.

Previous research that serves as the inspiration for the Ascendance therapy has demonstrated that the use of a live but modified virus could be administered as a functional cure and vaccine for HSV.

Herpes itself possesses a protein called glycoprotein D that both allows it to enter new cells and hide from the immune system. The live virus used in the Ascendance therapy has this protein knocked out, so even though new herpes viral particles can be produced, those new particles can’t enter new cells within the individual’s body. Transfection then enables these disabled herpes particles to enter a patient’s existing cells, but – because they can’t infect new cells or hide from the immune system – your immune system quickly learns how to eliminate herpes from the body. Armed with this new knowledge, the individual’s immune system may now remove existing herpes from the body or – if the individual does not already have herpes – prevent it from ever infecting the body at any point in the future.


Recent patient zero testing used a Phase One prototype to deliver DNA directly into human cells via a standard transfection reagent and strategy. The mechanisms of the treatment occur precisely along the same lines as our core therapy, and, if successful, will provide a more cost-efficient strategy for mass production and distribution.

Weekly data releases of patient zero blood samples and asymptomatic shedding via PCR analysis for virus detection alongside additional screening for human beta-actin to reduce instances of false positives are forthcoming.

*Note that we don’t yet have a therapy development timeline/series of phases for this yet; that will come shortly.