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We find therapies ready to make a global impact when combined with our vast network of physicians and researchers.


To validate our therapies, we use both traditional clinical trials and a pioneering decentralized research paradigm.


After the new therapies have been validated, our network produces and ships the treatments directly to our patients.


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All of these experiments are based on genetic transfection via a long-lasting plasmid vector.

# Name Possible Applications Votes
1 Estrogen/Testosterone People seeking to shift their gender, or alleviate age-related symptoms may find a plasmid vector superior to routine injections
2 Lactase Providing instructions to produce lactase may bypass lactose intolerance
3 Alcohol Flush Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase may allow for rapid alcohol metabolism
4 Anti-Zika Dengu antibody (EDE1-B10) may inhibit Zika infections
5 Cocaine Vaccine Can a cocaine antibody make quitting easier?
6 Odor Reduction Can an alteration of the episome reduce odor?
7 Fruit Smells Can signature fruit chemicals increase sexual desirability?


-currently in progress-

Inovium Ovarian Rejuvenation


Fight and Prevent HIV

  • Transferance of N6 Antibody Gene
  • Plasmids Convey Genes w/o Altering Chromosomes
  • Stage 0 Trial: In Progress
  • Clinical Stage 1 Trial: Q1 2018
  • Vaccine Clinical Trial: Q3 2018

Inovium Ovarian Rejuvenation


Follistatin Performance Enhancement

  • Plasmid-Based Gene Transfection
  • Shown to Increase Muscle Mass
  • Does Not Alter Hormones
  • Long Lasting Results
  • May Increase Longevity


Biomedical D.A.O.


Ascendance Biomedical will be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This novel type of corporate structure, based on decentralized technology, will allow biomedicine to hurdle over the roadblocks that have been laid by Big Pharma.


Our biomedical research and supply system will operate via autonomous cells, with core code running on a global network of computers. A shared reserve of cryptocurrency will be used to fund new labs and research, based on the votes of members.


Ascendance will crypto-certify its partners, allowing consumers to examine the links between testers, researchers, distributors, and manufacturers. This will provide more accountability and transparency than the traditional biomedical paradigm.

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